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We have worked with enough customers over the past 20 years to know that often people know exactly what they want in a home theater system or a commercial entertainment system, but they are often unsure as to how to get it. The good news is: we can evaluate your budget and needs, help you make sense of your options, and install the perfect system for YOU.

Home theaters have come a long way since the big, bulky console TVs.  Now we can install the latest 4K flat-screen UHDTVs complete with a surround sound system for a true, theater-like experience. Or for smaller rooms and budgets, just add a soundbar/sub-woofer combination to hear every detail of the movie you are watching! For larger dedicated home theater rooms, we can install an HD projector with motorized screen that drops down out of the ceiling. Along with hidden theater system components, we can create a clean, uncluttered look, but with the latest in home theater entertainment technology at our customers’ fingertips.

We also specialize in New Construction. Why rely on a general contractor or electrician, when we can bring over 20 years of experience and expertise to you. Have your new home or business project professionally pre-wired with the proper wire and locations. And then have your custom designed system installed, calibrated, and programmed. New construction services can include wiring and installing surveillance camera systems (for peace of mind), WiFi networks for seamless internet connectivity. Or even add in an industry leading DIRECTV television system, so your entertainment is move-in ready!

Surveillance Camera Systems - Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, keeping your property safe is a priority. South County Sound and Video installs both interior and exterior camera systems that can be linked for mobile access that will allow you to see real-time footage if the camera senses motion. No waiting to review film! You can choose to continually record (with footage stored for 30 days!) or only record if there is motion detection.

There is also an option for a built-in speaker and microphone...which is great if you have a pet that is home while you work!

DIRECTV Satellite Television and ViaSat High Speed Satellite Internet are two of the industry leading products that South County Sound and Video represents. We are fully authorized dealers for both DIRECTV and ViaSat.

DIRECTV starts at a great price point of $50 a month for 145 plus channels. Signing up as a new customer? DIRECTV will give you a $200 Visa gift card and give you a huge discount on your monthly bill for the first year and it will all be installed for free. ViaSat is a great option for high speed internet with unlimited data for those living or working in rural areas. They offer a 2-year price-lock guarantee and you will get free installation and equipment. And for our seasonal customers…. both DIRECTV service and ViaSat service can be put on “hibernation” for up to 6 months per calendar year.

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