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4k Ultra High-Definition TVs: The Future of Television


Remember when regular high-definition was the most exciting thing in television? video technology has improved, HDTVs have improved  too. By now, you’ve probably heard of 4k UHDTVs, but do you know the difference between a High Definition display and a 4k Ultra High Definition display?

You might have seen 4k also referred to as Ultra HD. 4k UHDTVs have enough pixels on their screens to fill four regular HDTV screens. Now, a regular HD screen has a little over 2 million pixels (1920 vertical x 1080 horizontal). 4k UHD display has almost 8.3 million pixels (3840 vertical x 2160 horizontal)! What this means is that a 4k UHDTV will give you four times the clarity and four times the detail, giving you a sensational, almost 3 dimensional quality picture, when viewing 4k UHD programming.

This increase is incredible to see on the largest of the 4k UHDTVs that measure 65", 77", 85" or larger. Even when you get closer to the screen, the picture still looks incredible! To put it in a nutshell, 4k means a crisper, clearer picture that shows much more detail than traditional HD.

Currently, the LG Signature Series OLED 4k UHDTV is by far, the undisputed leader among the UHDTV's  produced today. The Samsung QLED series comes in a distant second, with Sony and Sharp picking up the rear, as far as performance goes . Of course, the LG Signature Series OLED's  are also the most expensive models on the market, but well worth the investment for a home theater or for main living room viewing area. South County Sound and Video are authorized dealers for LG, Samsung, and Sony. Contact us today on the latest models and pricing or for a free site survey to discuss installation options.

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Of course, owning a 4k UHDTV is just the first piece of the puzzle. 4k UHDTV programming is the second piece of the 4k puzzle.

There is currently very limited 4k UHD content available on-line with streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc., because of the large amounts of bandwidth needed to stream 4k UHD program.  Cable TV services such as Cox and Fios also have the same issue, because of the amount of compression that has to take place with video signal, when trying to deliver TV, internet, and phone service to your home or business.

DIRECTV satellite television service is currently the leader in 4k UHD broadcasts, with a few movie channels, select sporting events, even a nature show or two in 4k on it's regular weekly programming schedule

South County Sound and Video is Rhode Island's only authorized dealer for residential and commercial DIRECTV satellite television service, and we can provide much more information on 4k UHD programming, standard HD programming, monthly packages, pricing and free installation.

Contact us today 401-789-1700 or email for more information to rev up your home or business entertainment choices!

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