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The Benefits of Hiring a Custom Design and Installation Professional


We love general contractors and how they are so skilled at doing so much when it comes to home/business renovations or new construction projects. But when it’s time to decide on the installation of a home or business entertainment system, surveillance camera system or LAN/Wifi network, hiring an audio/video custom design and installation professional, like South County Sound and Video, is the right choice. And not just because it is a service we provide. When you hire a dedicated audio/video design and installation professional, they bring years of experience, knowledge, and expertise to every component of the installation. A general contractor or electrician cannot bring that same level of competence to your project. Even though it may save you some money up front, in the long run, it will cost you more in the compromised installation and performance of your system. The design and installation of the system needs to be handled by an expert and who will guide you through the process, and be there every step of the way.  Before, during, and after the project is completed.


A proper assessment of the home, business, or theater room layout is the first part of the installation process. A professional custom designer/installer will advise and guide you on speaker placement and type, video screen placement and type, camera locations, Wifi access point locations and equipment locations. All of these decisions are critical in getting the best sound and video quality and performance from your systems.

Speakers Placement

A professional installer understands the acoustics of a room and knows that proper speaker placement is essential in getting the crisp, clean sound you desire from your system.

Proper speaker types, placed in the correct locations, will bring the room to life with music. This is especially critical with home theater surround sound systems. If the wrong speakers are installed in the wrong locations, you can end up with a "muddy" sounding system or system  fraught with unwanted echo.

Screen Size and Type

It is essential to have the proper screen size in the proper locations when designing an entertainment system for your home or business. The right screen size and type will enhance your enjoyment. The wrong screen size will disappoint.  A professional will advise on the correct screen size for your space. This is important to deliver the optimal viewing experience and enjoyment.

The accepted industry ratio is 2 to 1. If your screen size is 60", then your seating arrangement should start at 120" away from the screen. If your screen size is 75", then your seating arrangement should start at 150". What type of screen used, will be determined by the room itself and the surroundings.


The proper pre-wiring of your project is the first step of the actual installation itself. This includes HDTV locations and height, speaker types and locations, strategically placed Wifi access points and camera locations, and the actual type of wire used for the individual systems themselves. Not having the proper wire or locations wired in advance of the equipment installation, will cause many headaches and disappointments with your system. Do not leave these decisions up to your electrician or general contractor. The electricians have their hands full with the electrical end of the project. This is what they are experts at.  And the general contractor has plenty on his plate, with the management of the entire project. A dedicated audio/video professional will get the job done right.

Installation, Calibration, Programming

Now that your project is almost complete, it's time for the installation of the equipment. The termination of the data, video, audio, and camera wires comes first. This ensures that your equipment will function properly for years to come. Nothing worse than having a really nice system that consistently has problems with "bad connections" or poor terminations. The installation of the equipment is considered the "fun" part of the project. New HDTVs, new speakers, amplifiers, cameras, media servers, control systems. But all of this needs to be installed properly, calibrated, and programmed. This is where the custom installer really has to shine and earn his worth. And this is where all of that hard work and planning pays off, with jaw dropping sound and eye popping video. And years of smiles and enjoyment for your family or your patrons.


Let South County Sound and Video put our expertise to work for you. If you are building, renovating, or just want to upgrade a current system, whether it be commercial or residential,  we're here to help. Call us for a free site survey and evaluation of your project at 401-789-1700 or email

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