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Block Island: Making Island Living Easier

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Block Island is one of Rhode Island’s greatest treasures. Located just twelve miles off of the Rhode Island coast, a short ferry or plane ride can get you away from the noise of the everyday world. Some people call Block Island home year-round, some just for a few months. One of the greatest services that we offer is bringing DIRECTV satellite television service and ViaSat high speed satellite internet service to the full-time and seasonal residents of Block Island. We are Block Island’s only authorized dealer for both DIRECTV and ViaSat.

In addition to bringing the best of DIRECTV Satellite Television and ViaSat High Speed Satellite Internet, we also have a full time technician and service truck that serves the island year-round, so that we can bring quick and efficient service to our customers.

In addition to DIRECTV and ViaSat we also offer the following services:

New Construction Wiring

Being licensed State of Rhode Island Telecommunications Systems contractors, we have years of experience wiring new construction projects

Both residential and commercial customers will benefit from our expertise in running the proper wire to the right locations. For home or business entertainment systems, surveillance camera systems and WiFi/LAN internet networks, South County Sound and Video is the right choice to wire your  project.

Audio and Video systems

Whether it is in your bar or restaurant, hotel or B&B, or in your family's home, we specialize in sale and installation of  entertainment systems. HDTV's, home theater's, whole audio. If you are looking for a consultation on the best options for your unique situation, we can walk you through it...commercial or residential!

And if you have a problem or concern after installation (even if we were not the installer) we provide services year-round!

Surveillance Camera Systems

Protecting your home and business is extremely important and a surveillance camera system can help. We can walk you through your options and advise you on the best type of camera and system that best fits your situation.

WiFi/LAN Internet Networks

With ViaSat  high speed satellite service, you can now enjoy the advantages of true high speed internet on Block Island. But your wifi and LAN (local area network) is how you connect to the internet in your home or business. We have the expertise to design and install the wifi/LAN network that will take care of your internet needs on Block Island.

Whether you are a residential customer, a bar or restaurant owner, or a hotel/B&B, we'll find the right system for you.

Seasonal Customers Can “Hibernate” Their Services

For the part-time residents of Block, one of the most convenient features of service from both DIRECTV and ViaSat is that service can be put on ‘hibernation’ for up to six months per calendar year.

As you can see, we offer the best service and products for our Block Island clients and we are sure that our passion for this little island is quite apparent. We love what we do.

Contact South County Sound and Video today for information on how to make your Block Island abode your favorite place for entertainment and more! 401.789.1700 or email