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Creating A Home Entertainment Area That Everyone Will Love

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When it comes time to create the perfect space to kick back and relax in your home, most people have a clear vision of their ideal home entertainment area. They see the couch placed just so, the decor, and of course...the perfect TV and sound system. This will be the space that the family gathers in and you will want to make it a room that everyone loves. What are some things to consider when piecing together a home theater system? South County Sound and Video can help you design the home theater of your dreams!

Consider the Theater Room Size and Layout

The size of the room will determine the size of the TV to be installed. Too small and you’ll be squinting.  Too large and it can overwhelm the room and it is actually tiring on your eyes. What about windows and glare? Will daylight disrupt your viewing at certain times of day?

As far as sound goes, in-wall speakers, in ceiling speakers, or standard floor standing or bookshelf speakers? Also, whether a room has carpeting or not will have a big impact on the audio performance of your system. Sound needs to be absorbed, not reflected. So even acoustical treatments may be needed.

Another decision would be on the actual audio/video components. Are they to hidden in a separate room controlled by a universal remote? Or are they going to reside in the actual theater room itself. South County Sound and Video will guide you through you the decision making process

Consider Your Visual Preferences

Learn about the different types of TVs and screens available. OLED, LED, 4k, Projection. Which is the right choice for your theater? And what would be the appropriate size for your theater room? The accepted industry standard is a 2 to 1 ratio. If your video screen is 65" diagonal, then your seating distance should be 130" from the screen. Of course this is just a general guide.  South County Sound and Video will work with you on the appropriate screen type, size and location, to ensure optimal viewing pleasure in your home theater.

Consider Your Systems Components

The home theater receiver/amplifier is the heart and soul of all theater systems. It processes the  audio and video from a multitude of sources (satellite or cable receiver, blu-ray player, gaming device, media streaming device, audio streaming), and then sends the HD video to your HD display and the surround sound audio to your speakers. It processes the many HD formats on the video end, and also processes the multitude of audio formats that are available. Once your theater amplifier has been picked out, you then can move onto your content providers or sources of entertainment.

Consider Your Remote Control

One thing for sure, you can have the greatest sound system money can buy, but if it's not easy to operate, then it can be extremely frustrating to use your system and enjoy with the family or friends. A custom programmed universal remote control will simplify the use of your system. No aggravation of finding the right remote to operate the right component or just plain losing the one of many remotes. The custom programmed remote will make it easy for everyone to enjoy the system. South County Sound and Video custom design and program a universal remote control for your system

If all of these things seem confusing, know that we are here to help. We'll get your home theater system designed, installed and easy to operate! Call us for a free site survey and consultation at 401-789-1700 or email us at